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Rock Crawling

17th - 18th November held at Central West 4wd Park, Mudgee.

Driver Profiles 2018 

Supercrawl is part of an international franchise (US website http://supercrawl.rocks/ ), countries that hold their own Supercrawl events are USA, Mexico and Japan. It is expected other countries will join in the coming years.

This series is will consist of 2 buggy classes and 1 vehicle based class. All vehicles will be highly modified or custom built 4wd buggies. The terrain is predominantly rock.

Points competitors accumulate will also go towards the TG Rocks international series total.

Ultimate Rock Sports Challenge (URSC)

This event is to be like previous club based events like Toperi and Woodpecker challenges. 

Participants will not be required to be club members and vehicles will not require registration.

There will be 3 classes: Unlimited, Legend and Modified. Vehicles will complete the courses in pairs.

Vehicles will be highly modified 4wds or buggies.

Thanks to the support of our major Sponsors, Racetech Steel and 4wd TV (your 4x4), Procomp and Dynamic Wheels