Ultimate Rock Sports

Rock Crawling

Class Descriptions

Extreme / Mod stock Class

This class has something for anyone with a broad array of cars with tyre size ranging from 35 inches. Basically a full body class with no rear steer makes it ideal for Tuff Truck cars or similar. Despite tracks not being the same as the Pro classes competition is always very tight and a great way to start off in the world of rock crawling

Pro Mod Class

Car like panelling and two seater buggies with no rear steer 4x4's. There is a tyre limit up to 40 inches. The specification of these cars are a lot closer making for great competition. 

This class typically runs similar tracks to the unlimited Class so it pushes the drivers to the limits showcasing their cars engineering the drivers real skill and determination.

Unlimited Class

As the name suggested apart from safety items or specs this class is open to the imagination of the builder whether it's full tube single seat or two seat buggies. Typically with rear steer the drivers use it to the max to get through the hardest tracks we can come up with. No limit on tyre size still bound by the normal course rules these cars are always great to what and very competitive.