Ultimate Rock Sports

Rock Crawling


As Rock Crawling is basically a trials event there is a course set that drivers must follow the best they can. They must progress through each gate (pair of cones) in the order 1 to 5. As per any trials or competition penalties are received by hitting cones ( 10point ) Reverses ( 1 point ) DNF –Do No Finish (40 points)and others .The maximum penalties a team can receive is +40 per track . The aim is to get through the course with least penalties, each gate progressed threw Takes -1 off for first gate -2 second gate etc from the penalty points accrued. Throughout a course there may also be a bonus line that is to push drivers harder to take but is not compulsory these are worth – 10point. At the end of the event the team with the lowest score wins. If a Driver does not attempt a course is +50 points.